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LA CLEAR Enzyme powder cleansers are made over 30hours dry aging. 

Main ingredients are from Auvergne France which is famous for world three major hot springs.

Bio Enzyme removes dead skin cells and sebum effectively and makes skin smooth and clear.
Subacid cleanser keeps balance of pH on skin, and helps skin to absorb the following skin care steps.
Rich,dense lather and natural moisturizing ingredients keeps skin moist after wash.



  How to use

Facial cleansing

1. Drop a coin-size amount on the palm.

2. Make rich foam with warm water.

3. Apply to face and massage gently for about 1 minute.

4. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.



Foam facial pack

1. Take a proper amount on bowl.

2. Stir with a brush, moistened with warm water, until enough foam is occurred.

3. Apply the foam evenly to face (especially on the oily spot), with brush.

4. After 2-3 minutes rinse thoroughly with warm water.




use less water for a denser paste or add a small amount of the powder

to your preferred facial cleanser. 






When I first discovered the LA CLEAR brand, I really wanted to believe all the rave reviews I saw online...and I am so glad I did! This is the most effective exfoliant I've ever used, and it is so gentle, it didn't make my very sensitive skin react at all. Best of all, it makes my skin baby soft. Make sure NOT to leave it on for more than the 10-20 seconds recommended if you're just starting use, but after a few days, you can build up to 1 minute of use - all you'll ever need. Buy this now!

Eva Cruz

This product was highly recommended by my friend. At first, I was hesitant to buy it because of the price but I ended up buying it because i saw a glow on her face after using the LA CLEAR products. Now, I'm hooked with LA CLEAR and will never use other products. I'm so in love with this and I will not stop recommending this awesome products. It made me feel like a new person again!!!
                                                   Sarah Russell
This product delivers a deep down clean to your face. It is a wonderful product to use when you need to give yourself a facial. As, it helps really well in drawing out impurities from the face!the exfoliation, and how soft, and creamy my skin felt afterwards.
I have sensitive skin, and this is still something

it really works on removing make up very well.I would use almost every night.  Very nice! !


Isabella Jimenez

I first received this as a sample and I'm so glad I did because I would NEVER buy a powder with which to cleanse my skin. I like easy to use pumps that offer a nice foam but once I tried this, I was HOOKED! It's not that inconvenient to put a little of the powder in your hand and mix with a little water and the benefits far outweigh any downsides you can think of. Your skin immediately feels clean and amazing. All of the dullness was gone after one use. My skin felt clean, exfoliated, and refreshed with NO stripping, dryness or sensitivity and my skin is very sensitive. I've been using this as directed for about a month now and I am more and more pleased every single day. AMAZING!!!!

Victoria Hudson



Manufactured over 30hours dry aging Main ingredients from France. Mild Foam without synthetic surfactant. Hypoallergenic mild cleanser (PH 5.9) Collagen, cactus extract and aloe vera touching for moist full skin Exfoliate, Remove dead skin cells ,sebum. Soft and moist full feeling.



Volcanic ash(MAGMA) from AUVERGNE FRANCE. Excellent for sebum, exfoliate, remove dead skin cells Highly effective for oily skin (when apply for pack, it can be more effective.) Manufactured over 30hours dry aging Hypoallergenic mild cleanser (PH 5.9) Patented Antibiotic technology ingredient included (Patent No.10-0570469) Mild Foam without synthetic surfactant.

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